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Our nose for talent has matched leading companies throughout Europe and emerging markets with hundreds of talented, flexible and motivated IT professionals.

Aardvarks clients respect our quality over quantity approach made possible by detailed market understanding. Our candidates know this approach generates market beating contracts offering the rewards that their talents command.

"Aardvark and the team were very effective in finding important SAP projects for me and this has happened on several occasions. The team have excellent communication with both project managers and IT consultants. They pay swiftly, and are a pleasure to deal with on a daily basis. I will work with Aardvark Consulting again as my 1st choice. Lead SAP Consultant placed in a number projects in Belgium. April 2009 "

  • Position: Subject matter Expert (SME) with hadoop architecture, strate
  • Skills:
  • Location: Denmark
  • Job Title: Subject Matter Expert (SME) with Hadoop, architecture, strategy, platform owner...
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  • Position: Project Manager Infrastucture Security with Djoser and banki
  • Skills:
  • Location: Sweden
  • Job Title: Project Manager Infrastucture Security with Djoser and banking experience owner...
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